No, Square-Enix is not looking to be bought out

Time for a few small repairs.

Time to relax a little, people. A report last night had the internet in a tizzy after it suggested that Square-Enix had multiple other firms looking into acquiring the company, but Square-Enix shut that rumor down this morning by stating outright that the company has not been involved in any talks about selling, has no intention of being bought, and has not received any offers from any third parties for acquisition. It’s even quick to state that it’s not looking into selling off parts of its business.

While the rumor seemed to largely place the rationale for this at the foot of lackluster performance of Square’s Marvel’s Avengers title, the last half of Square’s fiscal year saw profits up 43% year-over-year, which should make it clear that the company remains solvent and successful. Hopefully this news will assuage the fans of the company and its online games like Final Fantasy XIV that nothing is changing in the near future.

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