SWG Galaxies Restoration III’s CU/NGE blend rogue server says launch is ‘imminent’


If you follow the Star Wars Galaxies emulation community at all, you’re probably waiting on a very big announcement from a certain rogue server today. So are we. But this post is actually about a different emu, and its press release – yes, a real press release from an emu, gotta love it – is already here, meaning it gets first crack at your Friday morning eyes.

I’m talking here about SWG Restoration III, which today has announced that its server launch is “imminent.” We covered this particular server last fall when it first entered testing; it’s notable chiefly because it’s built on the CU (combat upgrade) version of the original game, with cherry-picked offerings from other eras, particularly the NGE. For example, this particular server allows only two character slots, it does have Jump to Lightspeed (not all emus do), it discourages AFK play, it uses the pre-NGE character development, and of course, it has unlockable Jedi (with a new custom system for unlocks) and the bounty hunting system that goes along with it.

“Fan favourite Star Wars Galaxies has been painstakingly remade on the base of the Combat Upgrade system initially released into the game by Sony Online Interactive a long time ago in a galaxy far far away. The Restoration 3 team has taken the best of each iteration of SWG, maintaining the advances that new patches made to the game while keeping the freedom of an open, pre-NGE skill system intact. With an exciting roadmap & custom content planned, the Restoration 3 team will be releasing the expansion Jump to Lightspeed at launch, with Kashyyk, Mustafar, and other Heroic instances added once secret server-side prerequisites are met by players. This will allow adventurers to experience Star Wars Galaxies incrementally as first designed.”

The player team is planning an open stress test this weekend starting at 1 p.m. EDT tomorrow, after which the formal launch date will be revealed. “We can tell you that it’s imminent, and that any fan could take a guess at some upcoming force-sensitive dates and come up with a good answer.” May 4th seems like a likely guess, eh? Incidentally, the Discord looks as if it’s cleaned up its act significantly, so we suggest heading over there for more.

Source: Press release, official site
Turns out the launch is May 3rd. May the force be with you!

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Bruno Brito

I played the other beta at the time, and there is something i think warrants mentioning, and i don’t know if that changed:

This server solo experience is awful. For some reason, i don’t know if artificially or if the pre-NGE system makes your character really weak, but when the Legacy Quest gets around level 10, and you start going into bunkers, the game picks on such difficulty that it’s really hard to complete quests.

The problem i have with this is two-fold: 1- Even if SWG promotes grouping and union, and interdependency, artificial difficulty leveling should NOT be the way of doing it, and 2- SWG servers don’t tend to have good pops, no matter how much we want them to. The scene is really split, and the only reason why Legends is so big, is because they’re the only overt and public NGE server. I know there is another one, but it’s way more obscure.

I hope sololeveling is easier now. I’m all for a game that makes you play with others as long that’s an OPTION.


Is it possible to go the old route and just skip the legacy quests? I would just grind out my skills usually and never quest, unless I needed an item for a housing decoration.

For me, Legends is big not because of NGE, but due to having JTL. Which may be what you meant.

Bruno Brito

It’s big for several reasons. We can go more in-depth if you want. JTL is one of them.

It is, but the Legacy is just too good of a upgrade for you, at least the way i see it. And i think everything is buffed, i don’t know.


This may be the perfect blend for me. I particularly like that I wont see AFK crafters all the time. Might actually get accurate online player counts too.


This will be worth checking out. A real life what-if emu. Amazing! When I’m 70, I hope there will be an emu like this for certain 5 year segments of Star Citizen’s 20 year beta phase.

Kickstarter Donor

Oof. Just when I think I’m free of the SWG nostalgia I see a screenshot and it’s right back to 2005. Will have to keep an eye on this.


Oooh, interested!