World of Warcraft details exactly how adjustments to drops and mechanics will work in The Burning Crusade Classic

So tired of re-labeling these.

So, if you were wondering how exactly WoW Classic would handle the changes implemented over the course of The Burning Crusade, your questions have now been answered officially. The short version? It’s a lot like the original WoW Classic in that various stages of attunement, mechanics, and reputation requirements will remain as their launch version when first released, only to be changed as time goes by. Yes, that means Karazhan requires attunements; yes, that means badge rewards for raids will only get added in later.

In slightly more cultural news, a player who has been grinding for rare drops in both WoW Classic and retail World of Warcraft has finally found the rarest drop in the game by picking up the Pendulum of Doom in Uldaman. The player in question, Porowl, explained that his goal was simply to get the drops, rather than having the items themselves, although he does plan to hand the Pendulum off to a Shaman for The Burning Crusade Classic.

Source: Wowhead, Reddit via PCGamesN; thanks to Schlag for the tip!

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