Dual Universe promises less tedium, more meaningful PvP, and prettier graphics in latest dev blog


Followers of Dual Universe have been fed a series of dev blogs outlining the future of the in-development sci-fi building sandbox, with the first two posts talking about the team size of Novaquark and the second discussing dev costs. In the third and final post of the series, we get a look at where development focus for the game is going next and a host of promised adjustments.

First, the devs recognize there is some tedium in certain activities in the game right now, particularly in relation to mining and earning quanta. On the mining front, the devs plan to make gathering resources easier on planetary surfaces and introduce players to deploying mining units once they’ve established a territory, while those who want to become dedicated miners will soon be able to mine asteroids. As for earning quanta, revamps to the mission board system, improvements to industry gameplay, and new building tools to make more interesting constructs are all being worked on.

Second, the devs want to stir up PvP, as they see it as the catalyst for emergent and economic gameplay. Plans on this front include adding construct shields, a weapons rebalance, and the ability to control sections of space and (eventually) planets, which will let those who hold portions of space and planets rake in lucrative resources. Ideally, this will give orgs and solo players reasons to fight other than basic piracy.

Finally, the post promises some graphical improvements including better textures and effects and better planet generation technology. “Upgrading the visual immersion has now taken a more prominent position in our priorities, the goal being to give more ‘life’ to Dual Universe,” the post remarks.

None of these three articles discusses the removal of the game’s founder last month or who exactly is running the game and studio, so the playerbase continues to wait.


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James Velasquez

I played DU for about an hour before giving up. Its way to grindy out the gate

Ardra Diva

PvP is pretty much the “nope, not interested” death knell of any online game for me. Hopefully on some shiny future day game devs will grasp that, and that they’re ignoring an entire population of gamers looking for a place to call home where they don’t get murdered, and nobody kicks over their sandcastle they’ve built.

Hikari Kenzaki

So… in any game, no matter the game, there will always be an extremely loud group shouting that the game is 1) Boring, 2) Ugly, and 3) Needs more PvP.

I’m no fan of Dual Universe. I actually didn’t enjoy my time playing it in any way, shape, or form. However, I sincerely hope that they are not falling into the trap of listening to the loudest set of pots and pans being rattled.