Genshin Impact arrives to PS5, adds player housing, and brings new quests in April 28 update


Next week’s update is bringing quite a bit to Genshin Impact players. On Wednesday, April 28th, the multiplayer RPG will introduce the usual goodies like new story quests involving Zhongli and Noelle, some new characters to shoot for like the Cryo-powered claymore user Eula and the Pyro-wielding Yanfei, and some new enemies to face in the form of a new Trounce Domain opponent by the name of Azhdaha and a cryo Hypostasis in the Dragonspire.

What’s a bit different with this update is the introduction of personal housing via the use of a new Serenitea Pot item, which transports players to a personal realm that they can decorate and build upon as they wish. This new housing feature promises a variety of different house and realm styles to choose from to put together the perfect cozy place to stay.

This latest update also marks Genshin Impact’s official arrival to the PlayStation 5, taking advantage of the system’s capabilities to enhance visuals and improve overall performance. Finally (and of more interest to our neck of the gaming woods), the latest update will introduce some quality-of-life features such as doubled Companionship XP while in co-op mode, along with a reduced cost of claiming the first three Trounce Domain rewards per week by half.

source: press release

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Michael Fuchs

I’m so stoked for this update. I’ve been waiting for the housing since its announcement in closed beta

Malcolm Swoboda

It seems to be more than I expected, too. I expected something smaller scale, no tease of bigger functions, almost totally cosmetic, and snap-to-grid based. This one is reminding me more of a tapered down RIFT dimension system, so far.

On mobile.

Bruno Brito

Even GI has housing and WoW doesn’t.

Think about that for a second.


Genshin Impact isn’t an MMO.

Kickstarter Donor

Yes. Massively doesn’t exclusively cover MMOs.

Brown Jenkin

It continues to make me sad that Genshin Impact isn’t an MMO. Such a good game on so many levels, it has so many of the features I’d love to see in an MMO… except for being a largely single player to 1-4 player game.