The Daily Grind: What’s the most unique experience mechanic in MMOs?

Tink tink.

Bhagpuss over on MMO blog Inventory Full recently penned a piece about an experience mechanic in EverQuest II that I had completely forgotten existed: experience vials. They essentially allow players to store up experience and move it to other toons. That part isn’t super unique; Ultima Online, for example, has long had a similar mechanic in soulstones, which allowed players to move their skills between characters, thereby saving them from having to grind them all over again if they retool their character build.

No, the thing that set EverQuest II apart was that you can sell the filled experience vials to other players. I know there are a few other games that have dipped a toe in these waters, like EVE Online, but I can’t think of many. And yet I find myself wishing for this mechanic in a lot of other MMOs. I love it for grinders. I love it for sellers. I love it for alters and newbies. There’s so much potential there.

Let’s talk about fun experience mechanics in this morning’s Daily Grind. What’s the most unique experience mechanic in MMOs?

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Castagere Shaikura

For me, it would be something in an old mmo that Derek Smart took over and was just mentioned here a while ago. Alganon has this studies system that I really liked. You could study all kinds of things to make your character unique. It works kind of like Eve online skill training and how it continues to work offline and the more advance a study the longer it took like in Eve. You had close to a hundred studies to choose from. From combat to just about anything game-related. I wish more MMOs did this. And this was a side thing you could do. You leveled up as you do in other MMO’s.


They didn’t plan it, but Guild Wars did it in EotN with Hammers of Kathandrax and Prismatic Gelatinous Materials. People farm them and sell them to people trying to get survivor titles (since getting to level 20 isn’t really practical with them).

I did like that I could give pve levels to characters from my pvp currency in Guild Wars 2. The game doesn’t do much of anything for me generally, but that feature I liked.

Tom De Laet

I’ve always liked having experience for skills. And being able to customize them. Like if I use fireball 10000 Vs someone who done it 10 times mine will have more / other effects / damage. Usually though it seems more related to the arpg genre these days.