Amazon’s New World adds achievements and updated faction PvP to the alpha


As if to reassure everyone that Amazon Game Studios really is planning on launching New World rather than canning it like everything else, the team has launched another alpha patch today. At the heart of this update is a new ice-themed gauntlet for casters, new expeditions called Lazarus Instrumentality and Dynasty Shipyard, updated milestone rewards, and updated faction PvP and faction PvP missions.

“To incentivize PvP action and make the influence race more interesting, we’ve added the ability to fight over forts in a territory outside of Wars. Capturable points have been placed in all territory forts. Players can capture these points by having more members of their faction inside of the point than other factions. Forts that have been captured will remain captured until a different Faction either claims the fort themselves or wins a War for the territory.”

Current and would-be testers should also take a peek at the notes for the new achievement system; AGS counts 400 achievements “with more to follow.” Enemy AI, loot tables, player-to-player trading, combat, crafting, and the UI also saw a dev pass.


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Ardra Diva(@ardra_diva)
8 months ago

Those screenshots seem to be nothing like the game as originally described.

Chaos Engine(@vasburg_gaming)
8 months ago
Reply to  Ardra Diva

Right, they look even better!

8 months ago

These are some impressive patch notes.

maydrock .(@maydrock)
8 months ago

I like achievements, more along the lines of what a quest should be in these games.

Kickstarter Donor
8 months ago
Reply to  maydrock .

I’m a sucker for achievements. Anything that keeps numbers ticking up towards some kind of goal—even if that goal has no tangible reward—keeps me playing.

8 months ago

So a conquest mode? Not sure what’s new here. Isn’t this what NW was always about?

Like World vs. World in Guildwars 2?

Like Alliance Wars in Elder Scroll Online?

Like Frontline in Final Fantasy 14 Online?

8 months ago
Reply to  Godnaz

No, so right now the “Wars” are the instanced 50v50 fort battles that award control of the region to your faction and specifically direct control of the town/region goes to the guild who led the raid.

These other, new fort battles I don’t think are instanced, I think they’re just open world? But more so than that they don’t award you control of the region. You just get more influence for your faction in that region. When your faction has enough influence, any guild in that faction can then declare War for the instanced 50v50 battles. So this is just to help in the influence race which I think is a neat idea and could mean more OwPvP fights which I’m guessing was the point. Previously the only way to gain influence was via PvP faction missions in that region.

8 months ago
Reply to  Leiloni

This makes a lot more sense, thanks.

Kickstarter Donor
8 months ago

Meaty, but problematic.
I don’t like the Attribute Threshold Bonuses at all. Basically, if you wanted to focus on harvesting/fishing, now you need to play as a caster (or miss out on big bonuses). Likewise, if you wanted to focus on mining, now you need to play a melee—or pay the respec fee (and the hassle) every time you want to switch between killing and gathering. Shitty design, imo.

Dankey Kang(@dankey_kang)
8 months ago
Reply to  squid

It’s not really that big a deal. The main consideration with gathering is reaching weight cap so the weight reduction is nice but the rest are just fluff. The gathering gear is more essential since it gives you a chance to aquire rare items on gather.

8 months ago

Yeah those are pretty good changes. A few more and it’ll be perfect…a Perfect New World if you will.