Guild Wars 2 Judgment episode is unleashed April 27 – here’s the new trailer

Back in March, ArenaNet hinting that the fourth and final episode of Guild Wars 2’s Icebrood Saga would roll out in late April, and now we’ve got a hard date, as the studio just announced this morning that Judgment is upon us next week on April 27th.

“With ally Braham, norn of prophecy, on the cusp of confronting his destiny, two of Tyria’s largest and most enigmatic threats emerge to do battle in a clash of supremacy over control of the world’s magic. Players will be thrust between these two forces of nature to stop the conflict by any means necessary, and nobody is getting out unscathed.

“This fourth and final chapter of Episode 5 of The Icebrood Saga, titled Judgment, brings with it a host of dragon-related rewards, the thrilling conclusion to the last 18 months of storytelling, and a massive world boss encounter for up to 80 players.

“By playing the main storyline, players will be able to max out the Dragon Slayer mastery, granting them access to rare item drops. Players will be able to earn new dragon-themed rewards: a new cape, a dragon eye infusion to channel their inner Elder Dragon, a special icy greatsword skin, and new dragon-themed minis. Additionally, the chapter’s world boss encounter will become available in a special private squad version for up to 50 friends and guildmates, as well as a public version for up to 80 players that will occur on rotation every two hours.?”

The studio is promising a new cape, ascended greatsword, new glowy eye infusions, and the world boss version of Dragonstorm. Naturally, there’s a new trailer and pics too!

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