Black Desert PC unleashes the Awakened Sage, launches new events, and introduces rare hunts


Can’t you hear, can’t you hear that thunder? No, it’s not Men at Work calling to you; it’s the arrival of the Awakened Sage to Black Desert on PC as the headlining part of this week’s update, letting players trade in their Doctor Strange-like spellcaster for a more Thor-like one. As evidenced in last week’s video below, it’s pretty nasty looking.

The update has also kicked off another lineup of events that are linked to the new class Awakening, including login rewards, lighting strikes that provide character buffs, Charred Rock Fragments that can be found and turned in for goodies, and the opportunity for players to either steal a stunned goblin’s backpack for goodies or snap him out of his thunderstruck stupor for alternate rewards. There’s also an event with increased world boss gear drops and an event where players can purchase boss gear more frequently from Patrigio’s Secret Shop.

Finally, this week’s update inroduces new rare hunts where players can take on things like a crystal alligator, a rainbow fox, or a stone cobra; a number of class-specific updates; and several general updates to the game, all of which are outlined in the patch notes.


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Awakened my Sage and what was in my reward box? A seasonal server PRI awakened weapon box that I can’t open because they cancelled seasonal servers and forgot to take these out of the loot.

The awakening quest is all fetch based and kill 30 dudes here and 30 guys there and read this incoherent text. So much of what they do is half baked.


Thats what we get when they rush a release.
Started from Hashashin until Sage, everything is half-baked.