Ethyrial: Echoes of Yore is a new ‘high risk-reward’ old-school MMORPG, now in alpha


Let’s have a peek today at Ethyrial: Echoes of Yore (formerly Blocky Ages), which is listed on Steam as an early access alpha MMO, though the only way to get in right now appears through alpha. Three-person developer Gellyberry Studios says it’s inspired by old-school MMORPGs from the late ’90s, which pretty much means games like Ultima Online, for those keeping score at home.

The title is set to be a “high risk-reward driven game, where the player has a lot to lose, but also, much to win,” the Steam blurb says, further promising an incredibly ambitious list of features for an indie, including instanced dungeons, player housing, crafting, a main story, bounties, companions, and of course, extensive PvP.

“You can’t have a great MMORPG without a good pvp-system, where people can put their skills to the ultimate test against other players.We have plans to implement a number of different PVP-arenas. The first Alpha-release will offer a mode we call King of the Arena. King of the Arena Will be an open arena where players simply enters the Arena with their character, and tries to get as many kills as possible before dying. When you die, you are kicked out of the Arena and your total kill-count will be entered into a scoreboard. At the end of the day, the players with the highest kill-count will get points based on their standings. We plan on many more PvP modes, and will implement them one by one.”

The game is expected to launch into open beta at some point this year with a subscription, though it has a Patreon and alpha signups right now.

Source: Official site, Steam, Facebook. Thanks, Arn! We updated this piece after publication to note that the game has changed its name from Blocky Ages to Ethyrial: Echoes of Yore.
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