Starbase showcases easy build mode in new video, outlines progress on mining backpacks and new tutorials


Followers of the building-centric sandbox MMO Starbase know that the past few progress notes posts have made a lot of noise about the game’s developing easy build mode. Now, we finally have a look at this feature in action by way of a new video.

This new mode lets players clap together pre-built modules into a shape that they want, with all of the structural supports, plating, bolts, and wiring work already done. Once the modules have been put together as a ship blueprint, players will then have to weld the modules together (provided they have enough modules needed in station storage), as well as add other things like flight and thrust computers, maneuvering thrusters, and any wanted decorations.

On the subject of progress notes, the devs have posted progress reports for week 14 and week 15. These notes point to development work on features like a mining backpack; the start of a new station building tutorial, an asteroid belt tutorial, and spaceship tutorial; some visual fixes and animations; and other tweaks such as players and objects now taking damage when standing in plasma thruster fire. Which seems like it should have been added sooner, honestly.

sources: YouTube, official forums (1, 2)

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John Mclain

It’s a good idea, the main problem with these “Design a ship” games is that they tend to be very very very VERY tedius and slow starting off as you have to design everything BEFORE you get to actually do anything else, and of course your first designs are crap and quick to skip this part.

All games like this need “pre-made” basic ship designs so you can jump right into the game, and then when your established come back and spend the time designing your own customized ships later.