Almost four years after its first announcement, RuneScape is finally hitting mobile this summer


We’ve been eyeballing RunesScape mobile for a really long time, folks: We covered the original announcement for a mobile client all the way back in the fall of 2017. Old School RuneScape rolled out to Android and iOS a year later and has done very well for itself there with over 2M installs just in the last year and a half, but RuneScape itself has seen multiple delays on the road to release on your phone.

But today, Jagex has finally announced that RuneScape proper will launch on mobile this summer.

“At launch, RuneScape‚Äôs expansion onto mobile will deliver the living game in its entirety as a free download and offer cross-platform play, enabling players to jump from desktop to mobile platforms and back again. It has also been optimised with a mobile-friendly user interface and given a visual and operational overhaul. The display and controls have been modified and the tutorial has been reworked to welcome new players to RuneScape and set them up for future adventures. Menus, icons, text and textures have all been redesigned and combat mechanics have been tailored for mobile players.”

Preorders are live on Apple and Android devices now; signer-uppers will push along a community event to lock exclusive cosmetics (a hairstyle, a teleport device, a sword, a pet, and armor) for the whole playerbase.

Source: Press release
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