Final Fantasy XIV posts the full event schedule for its digital fan festival

Different island!

It’s just a little more than three weeks untilĀ Final Fantasy XIV holds its digital fan festival, and if you’d forgotten it in the wake of the game’s most recent patch, perhaps a bit of event scheduling will pique your interest yet again. The full schedule of digital events is now available on the official site, with all of the events broadcast live for everyone from the keynote kicking off the presentation to the concerts finishing both days of the event.

Players are also encouraged to submit questions for the game’s Q&A session, with about 40 question spots available for players who submit their requests overall. The questions will be asked live via Zoom, allowing players to still participate in the live feel of the event even though it’s all digital. Check out the submission guidelines if you’d like to submit a question and the full event schedule if you’re just happy to be seeing the fan festival as it unfolds.

Source: Official Site (1, 2)
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