Neverwinter announces the end of PvP seasons as the devs ‘explore ways to evolve PvP’


It looks like there’s a paradigm shift to PvPing on the way to Neverwinter. While Season 14 is still coming — specifically between now and May 20th — it will be the last PvP season while the devs plot out where to take PvP from here. “PvP Queues will continue to be available but no subsequent seasons are planned at this time as we explore ways to evolve Neverwinter PvP,” explains the post.

With that in mind, players who are invested in the game’s PvP seasons will want to either spend their Battle Trophies or purchase whatever items they desire from the Seasonal Reward Vendor, as both of those will be going away and will not be used for the game’s future PvP features. The devs are also planning to hold a Q&A which will discuss the current and potential status of PvP; a date for that broadcast is yet to be determined. There’s still some time left before things do change, of course, but just know that change is coming.


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