Swords of Legends Online showcases a cosmetics-filled cash shop in livestream

Easy sell.

There’s been a lot of show and tell coming out of Swords of Legends Online over the past week or so, first with trailers for all six of the game’s classes, then the release of pre-orders and beta buy-in details, and now with a developer livestream that’s offered a few more peeks at the western version of the game.

The footage in question was shared from the game’s current alpha build and started off with a look at the cash shop, which is broken up in to three parts: a Crimson Coin Shop with premium currency items; a Points Shop with unique cosmetics that can be bought with Points, which earned at a 1:1 ratio when purchasing Crimson Coin items; and a Crystal Dust shop with more mounts and cosmetics purchasable with Crystal Dust, which is earned from daily logins or completing in-game events.

A Reddit post compiled some additional highlights here, noting that cash shop items are entirely cosmetic, offering account-wide outfits, weapon skins, and mounts among other things. There will also be some form of battle pass, but there are currently no plans to sell things like character slots — everyone gets five slots total at launch, and as more classes are added players will get new character slots for free.

As for costs, weapons will run about 18€ (around $22) and mounts will cost between 20€ and 30€ ($24 and $36 respectively). Incidentally, the devs did note during the stream that the game’s upcoming beta build will also be the final form of the cash shop to lay out “all cards on the table.” That said, progress from beta will not carry over.

The rest of the stream offered a few quick rundowns of the game’s classes and specs, so for those who are curious about the nuts and bolts of SOLO’s classes without all of the sizzle reel flashiness can get those details in the embed below.

sources: YouTube, Reddit

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account-wide outfits, weapon skins, and mounts

This is really shocking for an Eastern game. Hope this game does well.


All these great talking and selling points have been baited to get people to buy in, only to be switched later. I’m still leery to buy in but hope they can keep their word.


I’m surprised. This looks alarmingly fair. The game probably won’t be a blockbuster or anything, but I’m willing to try it out just for the sake of having (what-looks-to-be) really good monetization. If only I can get rid of the feeling that an other shoe might drop…


My best guess as to why they’re doing this is because it’s a huge IP in China, so I’m guessing the devs don’t want to ruin it’s reputation with P2W and all the hate they would get for it.


It’s worth mentioning all cosmetics are account bound. So you can use the mounts on all of your characters, the outfits on all same gender characters (because the male/female versions are different oufits), etc. So that alone is huge, even more so when you consider the Points Shop basically just exists to give you an extra free cosmetic (accessories, etc. it looked like) with every purchase you make. I think it’s more like a Loyalty shop.