The Daily Grind: Are you worried about Blizzard in the wake of all of its high-profile departures?

Not a great sign.

In some ways, Jeff Kaplan leaving Blizzard after 19 years is not a stunning event, what with the ongoing process of people leaving the company lately. But then, that’s kind of the point. A lot of high-profile people have been leaving the company over the past few months (and years), with a slow trickle of recent departures turning into what can only be describe as an oncoming rush of departures. Kaplan leaving was just the latest and perhaps biggest name in what has become an overwhelming trend.

On the one hand, sure, it’s easy to look at this as a pretty normal situation for people who have been working in the industry for a while. On the other hand… well, when a bunch of well-known people all are leaving your company, it’s generally not a sign that everything is working well, especially when some of those people are among the faces you present to the public. So are you worried about Blizzard in the wake of all of its high-profile departures? Or do you think this is just coincidental timing?

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Hah! Noooo.
This is Blizzard we’re talking about. They haven’t been independent since literally 1994, otherwise they’d still be Chaos Studios. Or at least Ogre Studios.

Sure they had a great start and did some killer games, but they don’t even own their IPs. They will keep doing what Activision says and Activision says “make me money”.
It’s what they’ve been doing for decades. It’s just that all the other owners were less greedy. So much less greedy.

A shame. Allen came back, probably realising what a cushy job he had at Blizzard. Frank quit, can’t blame him. Fingers crossed for Morhaime and Dreamhaven.

I really hope he’s successful.


Worry implies I care. I do not care if Blizzard sinks or swims. They are an entertainment company. If they are no longer entertaining then they will be replaced by someone who is. It’s the way of things and there’s nothing personal or emotional to it.

Dankey Kang

I hate to be petty but I would not shed a single tear if that company were to disappear tomorrow. Neo-Blizzard is a stain on the videogames industry imo.

Kickstarter Donor

Nope. It’s time for a recycle.


Heroes of the Storm is still on the winter event. Yes, I said the winter event. In the past there were seasonal events, at least 4 per year. Wasn’t mentioned at BlizzCon.

They abandoned the professional players and are incredulous as to why the game is dying. So tone deaf. You starve something and it dies. That’s a mystery!

The heart and soul of Blizzard is in the ether.

Ben Stone

No, they probably need a few more so the games stop going around in circles. The IPs need new blood and new ideas.


It’s fine, the core people at Bioware all left and they are still doing great…


I wouldn’t be too shocked to see some announcement that Kaplan joined Dreamhaven in the coming months.

Bruno Brito

Not really. I’ve been loathing Blizzard for what feels quite a long time. I feel for the rank and file and hope they find better places to work, but fuck this company and i hope that everything left of kotick’s legacy of burning twenty years of goodwill is a pile of ashes.

Shane Sargent

They’ve innovated nothing and provided jack to the industry since WoW. And due to the crazy popularity of that game, they can sit on their laurels and be happy with that I guess. I mean, you could argue that overwatch is something they’ve contributed to the industry I guess. But outside of that, lets see what we have: WoW Classic: ok, cool, I love reminiscing but your offer is just what you gave me back in 2004. Beyond that, you are basically making a D2 close, sooooo again, living off of what you’ve given me already?
Buddy of mine is a die-hard blizzard fan and I just dont get it. They deliver a quality product, absolutely, and very much appreciated, but the product line is old now. Live up to your potential!


They could sell WoW to Daybreak or Derek Smart and close shop, for all I care!