The Daily Grind: Are you worried about Blizzard in the wake of all of its high-profile departures?

Not a great sign.

In some ways, Jeff Kaplan leaving Blizzard after 19 years is not a stunning event, what with the ongoing process of people leaving the company lately. But then, that’s kind of the point. A lot of high-profile people have been leaving the company over the past few months (and years), with a slow trickle of recent departures turning into what can only be describe as an oncoming rush of departures. Kaplan leaving was just the latest and perhaps biggest name in what has become an overwhelming trend.

On the one hand, sure, it’s easy to look at this as a pretty normal situation for people who have been working in the industry for a while. On the other hand… well, when a bunch of well-known people all are leaving your company, it’s generally not a sign that everything is working well, especially when some of those people are among the faces you present to the public. So are you worried about Blizzard in the wake of all of its high-profile departures? Or do you think this is just coincidental timing?

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