Atlas is bringing faster boat travel, railing modules, and a new map in the Tradewinds update April 28


This coming Wednesday, April 28th, is bringing some new features to the early access pirating sandbox of Atlas with the Tradewinds update, which is being touted by the developers at Grapeshot Games as a patch that’s bringing big changes.

While deeper details on what these changes are weren’t shared, the announcement post did showcase some of the larger features, like a new map arriving that will feature Tradewinds, which are special waterway canals that will allow ships to traverse the world faster; new railing modules to let players customize what weapons or features are on the sides of their ships; and new platform saddles that effectively let players clap giant flat platforms with various weapons on top of giant mounts.

More updates on this new patch are due to arrive soon, but in the meantime there’s a new trailer hitched to the announcement that you can watch below.

source: Steam, thanks to Kinya for the tip!
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