Conan Exiles’ 2.4 update is live on PC with map expansion and new biomes


As promised, Funcom dropped Conan Exiles’ 2.4 update on PC yesterday, expanding the size of the Isle of Siptah, adding new boss-summoning tools, a new religion, and even a way to engage in combat while swimming.

“The Isle of Siptah expansion is getting another great set of improvements with a big increase in its map size. All-new areas are ready for you to explore to the south of the island. This new territory increases the size of the map to around the same size as the Exiled Land, and is called the Isle of Dusk and the Isle of Dawn. It contains three new biomes, the savannah, the floodlands, and the ashlands. The map expansion not only brings new biomes to Isle of Siptah, but also new types of enemies (such as the Grey Ones and First Men), new creatures, a host of new NPC camps, massive ancient ruined cities and a new PvE mechanic tied to mysterious green pools.”

MOP’s own Survivalist columnist MJ deep-dived the update ahead of the release, checking out the new lighting, biomes, and spiders. So many spiders.


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Jeremy Barnes

they keep adding to siptah, but they should have focused on the original lands…


They can’t make the original map bigger. The physics engine bugs out if the map gets any bigger than they’ve made it.

John Kiser

There are game worlds bigger than the original conan exiles map running on the same engines so…


Don’t ask me to explain it, I don’t know the technical details. I just know the physics already get weird if you go to the very easternmost islands on the old map. The farther out they try to push the map, the buggier physics get as you go further out. That’s why they stopped.