Magic: Legends is looking ahead to the endgame amidst another patch of bug fixes

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How’s stuff going for you in the endgame for Magic: Legends? The bad news is that the game’s latest patch is not going to address that, so if that’s what you’re currently most unhappy about, it’s not going to be fixed with this particular update. The good news is that the developers indicate directly in the patch notes that the team is aware of feedback and is looking to make changes in terms of both challenge and specific content. So that’s good.

Also good is the actual patch, which is a bit smaller but resolves a number of issues and fixes up a number of issues like missing grass textures in Benalia and Vindictive scaling incorrectly. The patch also adds a workaround to toggle off overworld pings for those who prefer to have them off (it’ll be added to the UI later) and a character limit for costume names to avoid certain crash issues. Check out the full list of changes on the official site.


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We’ve also added a chat command to completely mute the Overworld Ping while we add it to the game options. Enter /ToggleReliquaryPing into the chat client to disable the Overworld ping if you want.

Ugh, at least we get a chat option (add it to your running Notepad doc with dozens of chat commands to remember, covering everything from graphical settings to vote-kick functionality!) but I can’t believe that this is still a problem. Did nobody internally playtest these regions and say, “Hey, the constant pinging because you’re almost always within range of at least one reliquary is kinda annoying.”? A lot of this stuff should have been obvious from internal QA testing, and while none of these issues are game-breaking individually, or necessarily collectively, they present a huge problem in the user experience which does matter. And while we don’t have data, poking around the forums/socials seem to indicate that these problems have led to a very steep dropoff of players around launch. I know the streamers they paid seem to have noped out after, not much on that front really going on.

“Expanding” the endgame? There is no endgame now, just higher difficulties of existing content we’ve done a million times. This the year 2000 with Diablo 2 releasing with multiple difficulties to extend the games life. ARPG’s have evolved considerably since then, but it doesn’t seem like Cryptic got that memo. (Much like Bungie seems like nobody at their studio plays any MMO’s/F2P games based off their hilariously awful tansmog system they just announced)

I’m getting to the point where I can’t even be optimistic about this. I know folks are enjoying the game, but this is kind a clown show from a technical standpoint, and should be hugely embarrassing for PWE at the very least, as I don’t know if this is something that we can explicitly say came from Cryptic.

This game ain’t bloody ready, ain’t anywhere near ready, and needed another 6+ months of testing and development before moving ahead with “open beta”, which is a standard fully monetized launch.

Shame that the best non-straight ports of the TCG are largely old games from the 90’s that were…the TCG with some light story/RPG elements added on top of it.

/end salty rant, because even with my lower expectations for the game I’m still massively disappointed/underwhelmed : /