Magic: Legends is looking ahead to the endgame amidst another patch of bug fixes

lagic megends

How’s stuff going for you in the endgame for Magic: Legends? The bad news is that the game’s latest patch is not going to address that, so if that’s what you’re currently most unhappy about, it’s not going to be fixed with this particular update. The good news is that the developers indicate directly in the patch notes that the team is aware of feedback and is looking to make changes in terms of both challenge and specific content. So that’s good.

Also good is the actual patch, which is a bit smaller but resolves a number of issues and fixes up a number of issues like missing grass textures in Benalia and Vindictive scaling incorrectly. The patch also adds a workaround to toggle off overworld pings for those who prefer to have them off (it’ll be added to the UI later) and a character limit for costume names to avoid certain crash issues. Check out the full list of changes on the official site.


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