Star Citizen brings alpha 3.13 online with new vehicles and features, talks with devs at Turbulent in video


Last night saw Star Citizen add a fresh layer to its alpha build with the release of 3.13, otherwise known as Underground Infamy. The new update brings new larger caverns to explore with ships and vehicles, ship-to-ship docking features, new visual effects for ship shields, a reputation system, new mining components, and two new land vehicles in the form of the Tumbril Cyclone combat vehicle and the two-seater variant of the Greycat ROC mining buggy. Patch notes for the update are available here.

With the release of alpha 3.13, CIG is offering up a new referral bonus program for players to share, granting new arrivals and existing pilots an Aurora ES ship when a referral is made. Otherwise, the ship will be freely available to everyone until May 10th.

Finally, the hiatus for the Inside Star Citizen video series for the winter season has ended and the spring series of videos has begun, with this week’s episode speaking with members of the newly formed Turbulent Montreal studio and offering a sprint report that looks at new Pyro plants, new furnishings, and storage compartments for ships among other things.

sources: official site (1, 2), YouTube
Longtime MMORPG gamers will know that Star Citizen was originally Kickstarted for over $2M back in 2012 with a planned launch for 2014. As of 2021, it still lingers in an incomplete but playable alpha, having raised around $350M from gamers over years of continuing crowdfunding and sales of in-game ships and other assets. It is currently the highest-crowdfunded video game ever and has endured both indefatigable loyalty from advocates and immense skepticism from critics. A co-developed single-player title, Squadron 42, has also been repeatedly delayed.

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Joe Blobers

So, what do we have today beside information about game progress? The usual negative commenters explaining this is not real or denying the single concept of developing ambitious games because you know, date!

First: Is “What is Star Citizen?” trailer a false advertising? Not at all. Everything can be reproduced by backers in current Alpha or through special event (Javelin) so it is an accurate description of current Alpha.
At no time they do show gameplay not in game or none existing planets or vista. Even situation showing 10’s of ships has been done by Orgs already.

Second: Without surprise, a disgruntled backer (SaltEMike) falling clearly in a love/hate relationship got up-voted… The guy is clearly losing control and it shows…. Jumping on every single sentence or situation to twist reality is at best ridiculous and at worst totally misleading.

It starts first with sentences: “discover a new universe… on an unprecedented scale”: let’s pretend current alpha IS the full new universe… It is factually a New Universe for any one discovering Star Citizen Universe.
At no time trailer mention complete or showing artist views of future systems but Stanton only.
And because I am Mike & Salty let’s add some resounding “fuck…” several times because it makes me saltier… but not so much more honest. A combination of someone not being able to control himself while making the show for internet because the more “f……” you spit, the more believable you are Lol….

– Then he switched to the fact…Alpha do have bugs or server crash. So chocking! We all know developers do make trailers showing bugs and crash… but let’s pretend CIG is different and hiding something…

– Then about a guy carrying ONE box in hands… because many games allow to carry many boxes in hands right! Even Death Stranding don’t allow to carry… one single box in hands :)

– Then about Mercenary… did they get paid to blow-up a ship? Yes SaltEMike… You can be paid by killing bounty target and you can be hired by others players, join his team and share Credits … but let’s rage first about it Lol

– Then about cop’s lights that can be turned on except for one ship. Lol yes, not all ships are Cops dedicated vehicles man…

– Then about “Fly what you want to fly”… but have to play xx hours to get it or pay thousands $…. People playing an MMO during xx hours to get/grind new assets. That is absolutely disgusting Lol… except you don’t have to spend anything more than a starter package man…

– Then pretend to be surprised there is a link to RSI website from an official trailer to offer the possibility to pledge for the game…. avoiding of course to click on it because reality does not match its salty/disgruntled/dishonest attitude: Link goes to web page with several bold disclaimer about current game status.

Business as usual. Naysayers keep twisting reality… and more New backers keep joining the Community :)


Normally I would avoid commenting on threads such as this but I need to point out much of what you wrote is factually, and legally, incorrect.

First, it could be argued in a court of law that it is indeed false advertising. Notice most trailers that include non-gameplay video clearly state that what you are watching is NOT in game footage. I watched this trailer and NOWHERE does it state that this is not in game footage. No, my friend, just that alone is considered false advertising under law.

Secondly, the game is NOT currently a released product – it is still in development with an Alpha available. That too is not mentioned anywhere in the video nor in the text description under it. It leads the viewer who may not know better to believe it is a full complete and released product. That is not false advertising but considered under the deceptive advertising laws.

Third, you are 100% wrong about the Universe comment. Let me explain how law works. Chris Roberts and Cloud Imperium have stated many times what the Universe is – or is supposed to be – in game. That is not what exists in game today. Law works on what has been claimed or said, not by subjective interpretation of what YOU think Universe means. None of that means anything in a court of law.

That being said, while the video is false advertising by definition of law, it matters little unless someone was to bring an actual lawsuit – and have merit to do so – against Cloud Imperium, which is most likely never going to happen.

This comment is not meant to be a knock or opinion on the game itself, just clarification for others to understand legally what false advertising is and that the video you mention does in fact met the legal definition of false advertising.


The new, “What is Star Citizen?” trailer gives new meaning to false advertising.


I liked this review of the trailer from a long-time supporter.


i sub to mike’s channel and he nails it a lot of the time.


I enjoy the game and follow it’s development, but damn would I feel like I was getting scammed if I watched that trailer, bought the game, then experienced what it actually is.

Sean Barfoot

Holy cow, this is like selling SOTA with a Skyrim trailer.

Sean Barfoot

Oh no, now this game has a Bree box of shame as well.