WRUP: Unpopular Mario games edition


Super Mario’s Underwhelming Adventure (Super Nintendo, 1991)

Mama mia! Bowser has kidnapped Princess Peach… sort of! She’s actually already free and said that Bowser seems kind of depressed, like his heart’s not really in this one. Hop very occasionally and sort of bop through 64 levels of ambivalent enemy placement, too much generosity with power-ups, and apathetic bosses until you face off against the m

Mario Teaches Basic Tax Filing (PC-CDROM, 1993)

It’s time to pay-a the taxes the fun way with the Mario cast! Learn the basics of filing your 1040 while being introduced to concepts like standard deductions, earned income credit, household requirements, and begging the auditor not to throw you in prison because you relied on financial advice from Yoshi the dinosaur.

Mario & Friends: Misery With Numbers (Nintendo 64, 1998)

Can you count? How about multiplying? Let Mario and friends completely fail to make numbers fun in this unenjoyable educational slog that will not only fail to make your kids learn numbers the fun way but will also make even older people question whether they know a damn thing about basic mathematics with its tedious, unclear, and interest-draining explanations and minigames!

Paper Mario What Are You Playing (Game Boy Advance, 2001)

Just… so much origami nudity. Why is there so much of this?

Mario Is Eating Your Cereal (Nintendo Wii, 2010)

Mario is literally inside of your kitchen and eating your cereal. Let’s-a go (to eat someone else’s food)!

Bonus question: What piece of furniture do you find yourself having to replace most often?

Andrew Ross (@dengarsw): Pokemon Go is getting some major time. I cleaned up a lot to earn my Sunday Earth Day rewards! Monster Hunter Rise is getting a lot of action too as I try to make a good talisman. I’m so loot hungry, haha.

Um, furniture replacement? Probably my mattress, if that counts.

Brianna Royce (@nbrianna, blog): I’m scattered this weekend. I still have some prepwork to do in Star Wars Galaxies Legends ahead of Bespin. I started Cozy Grove last weekend and I want to get a little further in there. And City of Heroes Homecoming just busted out a patch I’d really like to play around with, especially the travel power changes. If I only get to one, it’ll probably be CoH. We’ll see.

One-to-one replacements… rugs. Kids are really hard on rugs. They don’t last more than a few years.

Carlo Lacsina (@UltraMudkipEX, YouTube, Twitch): I’ll be playing some Valorant and League of Legends this weekend! I need to brush up on my skills since I’m an e-sports coach now. I’ll also be driving to Southern California for a little outing so not much gaming for the weekend but I’ll squeeze it in if I can get some time.

I get very attached to furniture and have a hard time with getting rid of old furniture. So I rarely replace anything. If anything, electronics and computers get replaced more than anything else!

Eliot Lefebvre (@Eliot_Lefebvre, blog): The usual Final Fantasy XIV antics along with reviewing a game on the PlayStation 4, along with finishing some moving around in the house. It’ll be a busy weekend, but a good one.

I have the absolute worst luck with computer chairs. Somehow they never seem to last longer than a couple of years with me if that.

Tyler Edwards (blog): I’ve started playing The Outer Worlds this week. It’s pretty fun. Kind of like Bioshock meets Mass Effect meets Futurama. I’m also planning at least one D&D session, possibly two, and continuing to grind in Magic: Legends.

Bonus question: Replace… furniture? I’ve had the same computer desk since I was eight, and my dresser is older than I am. I have replaced my computer chair a few times over the years, so I guess that.

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Super Mario RPG 2: Geno’s Hair Salon, Gossip and Slander DLC season pass.

Bruno Brito

Watching SPL, playing Smite for dailies and a Wrath pserver that locks you into twink brackets. Other than that, i did the arts.


For the most part I’m back to No Man’s Sky. And not the newfangled expeditions; I quickly got through it to get all the rewards and experience a couple things I never bothered with before (like pets) and then discarded the Expeditions save for a new Permadeath run.

Of course, Permadeath in NMS isn’t that hard, given that you can reload your save at any time before you die and you aren’t in much danger as soon as you get a few upgrade modules anyway.

As for the bonus question, I’m going with the computer chair too. It’s one of only two pieces of furniture I had to replace in the last decade (the other one being a coat rack that lasted “only” about two decades).

BTW, about Mario:

Just… so much origami nudity. Why is there so much of this?

In the second Paper Mario game, The Thousand-Year Door — considered by many to be the best game in the Paper Mario series —, Princess Peach actually gets naked on-screen twice.

The first time is when she takes a shower, the whole thing happening without any fades or cuts, though a well-placed curtain prevents you from seeing anything more than the top of her head.

The second time she actually wanders around the enemy base naked, going through rooms with minions even, though of course you see nothing because she has taken an invisibility potion which conveniently lasts barely enough for her to get dressed again. And how do we know she is naked? The game goes out of its way to make clear she had to leave her clothes behind because they didn’t turn invisible.

Mario Is Eating Your Cereal

Ironically there is actually a Super Mario Cereal, made in partnership with Kelloggs, whose box is a real Amiibo that when scanned gives you bonuses in-game. And I’m not even joking.

Amiibo is basically Nintendo making (or trying to make) pay-to-win in offline games look cool. I love them as cute character figurines, but I would prefer if the game-related functionality didn’t exist.

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Jack Pipsam

Apparently I can download Diablo: Immortals because the beta is available here, I’ve downloaded but yet to play it, it was about 4gigs in size.

Speaking of phones, I attempted the beta for Project XCloud, the Xbox streaming thing, I think it began trials here last November but I’m giving it a shot at the moment. It’s really the first time anyone’s opened up in Australia for testing, PlayStation Now never came here and neither did Stadia, the logic I suppose is they assumed it just wouldn’t be able to work here.

Well, XCloud… it works? Like, it works. I booted up Gears 5 (because it has touch-controls) and I streamed it to my phone and it just worked without any serious issues and there wasn’t even too much lag. I tried it later on a train (not 5g mind) and there it was a bit wishy-washy, but I don’t think I can blame XCloud for that really, but the fact it does work for me in my brief tests pretty much throws pie in the face of Sony & Google who couldn’t be bothered even trying to test it here.

Oh and I saw that new Mortal Kombat movie, it was er… something, for a dumb popcorn film it did it’s job, but just don’t think about the logic of it is all haha.

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I spent an hour or two with ESO in XCloud last year, and it worked quite nicely. But with quarantine and all, I haven’t had a reason to play on my phone. Once I’m commuting to the office again, though…

Malcolm Swoboda
  • Genshin Impact – Logins and a web event. That’s it! Genshin, you lower down the list next week!
  • Last Cloudia – Continuing Japan Anniversary event and advancing the story (again, finale of the first arc!) by one stage a day. Its getting real – a new region map opens up for the final section. Apparently a lot in the world map opens up after finishing the story, including regions (which hopefully still have story) that force certain character usage.
  • Cookie Run: Kingdom – Same as before. Just the grind. Things sliding into ‘I’m only sticking around because my gacha luck is so good’ territory so that’s not good, but I should be completing the release day story shortly.
  • Princess Connect Re:Dive – There’s a big ‘free gacha 10pull a day’ event happening so that’s helping me upgrade a lot of units from its dupe currency. Other than that, its just developing my main, non-meta team. Still only 1 5star unit but that should change soon.
  • Another Eden – A bunch of lucky pulls, especially for my phone (main) account, during a free gacha pull event and currency giveaways. My Steam account isn’t so lucky, but it doesn’t need to be. Tentatively, I just want to catch up on story content done on my mobile account, stream that on Facebook to my few friends who care (I wouldn’t blame anyone lol), and shift over my mobile account to Steam if I can be okay with no longer sitting in bed at it, or in the car. Just do cloud saves!
    For Steam play, I’m still Chapter 14 in the story but completed the first Persona 5 collab except for Kill 100 achievements, and but did some of those for other regions, and a bunch of sidequests. Trying to upgrade Cyrus to 4star but the upgrade drops aren’t happening.
  • Distancing Hangouts – Just the now weekly The Life and Suffering of Sir Brante with a friend couple. Gonna do it again soon this evening!
  • FFXV Pocket Edition – A little more play but not hitting my goals. If I complete a chapter or two this weekend I will though.
  • Tales of Crestoria – Nothing until this weekend where I’ll do an event story.

Partner’s play of FFXII has him advancing through the Pharos Lighthouse, but its difficulty has him focusing on side content including espers and elite hunts. No D:OS. He’s still doing morning Ring Fit, as always!

Some family starting to get vaccinated. Some trying to avoid a certain one. Some friends in certain situations starting too, but I shouldn’t be having mine until at least June-ish.

Bonus: We don’t really replace much furniture. I’m too poor (that might be starting to change this year) and partner is too frugal. A lot of stuff is as old as 2011, and built years or decades before that. But, there’s been new stuff over time. The bed’s been replaced a couple times. If we get a new place this year, a lot, and I mean a LOT of furniture is up for replacement for the next year after. Bye bye to a lot of things I hate to see!

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Loaded up Star Citizen for the first time in 3 years, so I can shake my fist at Chris Roberts with proper knowledge.

My recliner.

Damon Anderson
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Damon Anderson

I’m trying out BDO this weekend, although I am not a PvP guy I thought I would give it a try. I have been trying out some classes, Mystic is fun, I’ll probably try a few more as well as do some research as there’s clearly alot to it, that is not really clear. I am also still interested in ESO, I am planning to unlock the Warden class next week and give that a try. I’m playing on Xbox and of course with console voice chat is more convenient and needed than on PC, but I don’t do voice chat so it’s a bit of a issue for grouping as well as socializing, even though I generally don’t say much even with text chat, guilded or not. But I am happy to have online games to play, the thing that hooked me about MMO’s was (going back to my UO days) the open world experience where it’s unpredictable and never the same, really because of the other human beings behind the other avatars, regardless of how that goes, although not always regardless, I have encountered my share of toxicity, and despite what may or may not be believed, I did not and do not treat others in a toxic manner, just saying, perhaps pointlessly. So we’ll see if BDO is a match for me as an alternate to ESO, there seems to be quite a bit to it, I did really enjoy Albion Online although I did not PvP, as I recall I only had one player kill in the months I played Albion and unless it was self defense I don’t know how I got that one, although arena type PvP I actually do enjoy, although lack twitchy skills and frequently hit the wrong buttons or keys, but I do get satisfaction out of being the rabbit that evades the wolves, so to speak, and in the more “gank box” (maybe not really the right term) games I have played I have done that many times. Anyway I am not really sure what my point is here except what I am playing this weekend is BDO, I perhaps feel misunderstood, and sometimes people scare me ;P

Have a great weekend.

Here’s a video I really like, I for some reason feel compelled to share it…

Bryan Correll

Mostly PoE Ultimatum league with a side of CoH Homecoming.

Bonus: Put me in the computer chair column. Though the one I’ve got now, while not a ‘computer chair’ per se, is both sturdy and comfortable.


This week: I now walk in the land of the vaccinated….well at least the first shot of 1 of 2 AZ regiment. It went well, after they had to hold down the arm and 2 pigtails. As well as, I had to deal with 48 hr. period where my antibodies WTF raged through me like teenager hormones on steroids – that was no fun at all. I wasn’t expecting my immune system to put up such a protest…but it got over it as I am feeling fine now. And as far as I am aware, my blood hasn’t turned into cottage cheese in the process, so I maybe dodging that rare side-effect bullet. So all is good? o.O

Also this week: Still playing WoWstar. And thinking of playing B&Star again.

Bonus answer: My monitor. >.<

Have a great week and weekend folks! And please get vaccinated and stay safe! /bows

Bryan Correll

My monitor. >.<

Stop attacking it!


I am managing much better now. I even have an angry face baby ball to launch instead…

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Just last night I started Blade & Soul, which is a game I haven’t touched for more than 30 minutes before. I hit level 15 and so far I’m enjoying it. It reminds me of my first experience playing TERA a little bit. The world is gorgeous and the combat is fast. My biggest issue at the moment is that every mob dies in 2 hits, or 3 if I’m lucky. The attacks are satisfying to land (especially from the sound design) and the animations are pretty, but it doesn’t really matter if I don’t get a chance to do them that often. Combat aside, I’m impressed by the amount of voice acting and the animation in the cutscenes, when they happen. I was expecting zero of effort put into either, so it’s been nice.

I’m also using the experience as my first attempt at blogging about MMOs, so taking notes while I’m playing has been a fun experience too.


At least one of my Lyn participants celebrates our blue and toothy friend’s new foray the Earthen Realm. I really hope it works out for you! /bows

Kickstarter Donor

Aw, thanks Utakata! Much appreciated. That screenshot is great. I couldn’t resist making a Lyn myself, they’re too darn cute.