Elyon’s bonus AMA talks about shifting metas, endgame gearing, and a Russian client


What’s better than getting a big fat AMA about an upcoming MMO that you’re interested in playing? Two AMAs, of course! Krafton said that last week’s Elyon question-and-answer session generated so many questions that a lot of them got overlooked, hence a follow-up AMA for this week.

It’s not the biggest AMA, but there are a few interesting news nuggets (now crunchier with milk!) to consume, such as the confirmation of an eventual Russian client, a promise not to change the meta as much, and how long it’ll take you to get decent endgame gear for a first-time character (one month).

Krafton also addressed what PvE players can look forward to at endgame: “As main end-content, we have the RvR battle within dimensional portals, and we are also planning to add an asynchronous PvE competitive content. Various different types of endgame content will be added in the future.”

Elyon’s first closed beta test is coming up soon from May 6th to the 10th. If you want to put your name in the hat for this, you’re going to want to get it in quickly, as the cutoff is April 25th.

Source: Reddit
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