Animal Crossing: New Horizons announces content-light updates until June


Nintendo just announced that Animal Crossing: New Horizons is expected to get some new content for the next several months, starting with a May Day event from April 29th through May 7th, followed by International Museum Day events and the June Wedding Season Events.

Sound familiar? That’s because as it did with Bunny Day, Nintendo is bringing the events back with small tweaks – things like Museum Day adding the post-launch Art Wing to the task list, Wedding Season getting some new furniture and clothes, and regional items like a cheese wheel and Japanese fish flags. And players are making their displeasure known on social media.

While the argument about New Horizons’ content differences are not new (and often seem to ignore the customization options, terraforming, premade clothes, and social media accessibility/tools), readers new to the series probably have noticed we constantly ask Nintendo about updates to series-staple features like gyroids and Brewster’s Cafe. That’s because there are beloved features and furniture that haven’t made a return yet.

We appreciate Nintendo offering a slow drip to the series so that time travelers don’t zip through the game and tempt others to blow through it quickly, never to return, but one year without so much as a hint about features from the original game returning is concerning. As usual, we’ve reached out for comment from Nintendo and will update this post should we hear something.


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