Final Fantasy XIV confirms that there will be no in-person attendance for the digital fan festival


Here’s the good news forĀ Final Fantasy XIV fans: The digital fan festival scheduled for May 14th and 15th is still going to go forward as scheduled, with new information and fun events for players around the world to watch. The bad news, especially for fans in Japan, is that none of the fans will be watching it through any means other than streaming. Due to a renewed state of emergency in Tokyo due to COVID-19 outbreaks, the developers have announced that there will be no in-person attendance to the digital fan festival for safety’s sake.

As mentioned above, the same announcement is quick to point out that the event will still take place as planned and scheduled, with the lack of attendance not impacting the overall schedule or course of the presentation. Still, if you live in Japan – or would have been willing to take a trip for this particular event – this is probably a bit of a disappointment.


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