New Eden is a pixel graphics Souls-like MMORPG that’s in open early alpha testing


This one’s for the MMORPG fan that likes a more hard-bitten challenge in their game and doesn’t mind some old school visuals to go along with it. Introducing New Eden, an in-development 2-D MMORPG that pairs pixel graphics with Soulsborne-esque combat to create a game that the devs at Wanderwolf Studios hope will “push the boundaries of what can be expected out of a modern indie MMORPG.”

In New Eden, players will explore the high fantasy/cyberpunk world of Estaria, encountering treasures and boss fights along the way. Combat in the game is promised to be fluid and strategic, while character progression features a modular leveling system with unique skills and subsystems as well as weapons, equipment, and skills to gain and choose from. The game currently has a short instanced area, but plans to have open environments in a large, shared world.

On the subject of the current game’s build, New Eden’s early alpha is freely available to download on Discord as part of the dev team’s open development strategy. This build features the aforementioned instanced area, along with six weapon types, a PvP arena, and a boss, while future updates that are tentatively planned for the end of August include an expanded combat system, a larger garden area with secrets to uncover, an expanded PvP arena, the game’s first dungeon, and more weapon types among many other things. In the meantime, this Reddit post has additional details, while a video of the game’s first five minutes can be found below.

source: Discord, Reddit, thanks to George for the tip!

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Those combat animations look pretty good to me. For a top down 2D game, it seems nice.


Looks like a nice idea but the pixelart, especially the character sprite could be better. I actually like even Tibia’s ones far better than this – maybe it will improve


comment image Tibia looks so incredibly dated, i disagree. the game’s aesthetic is great and very cohesive, i can understand maybe not liking the style though

comment image


wow glad this made it onto MO. I downloaded and tried it briefly, the game is very promising. Just from the little that I saw I saw it looks great so far… excited to give it more of a try once the game is further into development and I can get some friends to check it out