Old School RuneScape announces plans for story mode and hard mode versions of the Theatre of Blood


While the devs at Jagex are keen to follow player feedback and introduce more endgame content to Old School RuneScape, the team hopes that some plans for the Theatre of Blood encounter will fill the gap before then. Assuming player polls guide the team’s steps.

The proposed updates seek to introduce a story mode version of the raid, making it a quest titled A Night at the Theatre. Naturally, this story mode version of the Theatre will have lesser rewards than the normal encounter, but ideally will introduce players to the sorts of experiences raids can provide. Conversely, hard mode will make things tougher for vets of the Theatre, promising new mechanics for each encounter, enemy scaling based on group size, and target times to be met that affect what rewards can be earned.

On the subject of rewards, the devs plan to increase unique drop chances for the hard mode of the Theatre of Blood, as well as introduce some new cosmetic drops like an item that can transform the Lil’ Zik pet into any of the raid’s bosses and an item that changes the appearance of Justiciar armor into a Vampyre-themed Justiciar set. With all of that said, these updates are up for player polling, so those who want to see these new features added will want to submit their feedback.

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