Profane previews its sound design by focusing on a tropical beach biome


While the developing PvP MMO Profane will obviously feature the sounds of fighting between players and the sounds of combat in general, a new development preview Twitter thread is taking players on an audio journey to a serene tropical beach while also talking about how head of audio Marlon Kroth crafts the soundscape for the game.

Both the embedded video and the thread notes how Kroth and the devs is taking player location to certain areas into account when creating the ambient noise for an area, such as how close players are to the water and how much of that sound they hear. The audio team is also paying attention to how much wind is heard depending on what it might run in to, crafting a background soundscape that doesn’t interfere with more important noises like combat or the sound of another player’s approach, and making sure that sounds in the game have the right fantasy touches to make the world of Profane both familiar and unique.

Further sounds of other in-game biomes are planned to be shared, but for now interested fans can close their eyes and sit on a quiet little beach for a moment, or otherwise read the thread below for more.

source: Twitter
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