RuneScape player’s huge history book goes on sale for charity

Dig it.

The full history of RuneScape, which spans two decades of development and operation, is far more than can fit in any one book. That’s why July, the self-proclaimed “RuneScape History Nerd,” wrote three such tomes as an exhaustive account of this MMORPG.

This History of RuneScape trilogy, which clocks in at over 1,000 pages in total, isn’t an official Jagex product — but it has been given the greenlight by the studio for sale, provided that proceeds to go mental health charities of Jagex’s choice.

“This documentary trilogy is the result of a process that took around eight years and many thousands of hours to complete,” July said. “I have always been fascinated with the game’s past and evolution, so I decided to use my passion for the game to teach the community as much as possible about the development of RuneScape since even before the game was launched in 2001.”

You can pick up this digital ebook trilogy for £4.99.

Source: Twitter

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