Star Wars The Old Republic talks about the upcoming Secrets of the Enclave Flashpoint


It’s time once again for another de facto dev blog from Star Wars: The Old Republic! BioWare has once more brought forth world designer Allison Berryman to talk about the new Secrets of the Enclave Flashpoint that’s arriving to the game in Update 6.3, offering up a couple of lore and location hints for the new instance.

As the name suggests, this new Flashpoint takes place at the Jedi Enclave on Dantooine, which will be a very familiar location for fans of KOTOR. Players will be tasked with pursuing Darth Malgus and trying to figure out what his plans are as they battle through the ruins of the Enclave. As for the location, players will start in Dantooine’s rolling hills, move through crystal caves, and then into corridors of the Enclave itself, with the promise of “awesome, highly recognizable rooms,” a diverse cast of bosses to fight, and even an optional boss that can be taken on as part of a bonus mission.

Sadly, this in-house interview doesn’t provide any new release details for when Update 6.3 will go live beyond the oft-repeated spring 2021 window. At the very least, players can peek in and provide feedback via the PTS or they can get a look at some of the new dungeon-y goodness.


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Malcolm Swoboda

They got into that Mandalorian hype and now KOTOR remake news.


6.3 goes live tomorrow, 4/27.