Multiplayer PvPvE shooter Scavengers enters early access April 28, floats 9000-player-and-bot mode


This past March we got a look at Scavengers, a multiplayer PvPvE survival shooter where up to 20 teams of three players are tasked with surviving the elements, AI attacks, and potential fights with rival teams as they try to gather the most datapoints in the map and exfiltrate to win. If the load of talk about Improbable’s SpatialOS tech didn’t put you off from trying the game out, you’ll get your chance as the shooter is entering early access on April 28th.

While the game’s early access will be open to everyone on that date, those who are eager to get their hands on the game ahead of time can do so using Twitch Drops; it’s a matter of creating an Improbable account, linking it to a Twitch account, and watching any livestream of the game for at least 30 minutes to receive a Steam key. Broadcasts are set to start as early as 3:00 a.m. EDT, while the early access launch will be on both Steam and EGS.

Circling back to the subject of SpatialOS-powered multiplayer game scales, Scavengers has been doing some tinkering with a ScavLab mode, which could let as many as 9,000 human and AI players hang out on the same map at the same time. PC Gamer says it was part of a 1700-player battle that was pure chaos, as well as a battle that added nearly 8000 bots to the mix and still apparently held up. MMORPG players know what a difficult feat this is as several MMOs have been working on this type of tech for a long time. Dual Universe, for example, put 30,000 people and bots into an alpha map back in 2019; EVE Online holds the record for most participants in a video game PvP battle with 8,825 players (6,557 concurrent), while Camelot Unchained put over 5000 people and bots together back in 2019. Other ambitious goals, like Atlas’ plan to put 40,000 players on a single server, haven’t materialized. Suffice it to say that actually pulling off 9000 humans in a battle would be a major feat for gaming – and definitely one that would make this an MMO and not just a multiplayer shooter.


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Francis Baud

I wish they would actually show us the test they’ve done with thousands of players. I guess it’s a rubberbanding and lag fest.

The only way we can currently achieve it with acceptable performances is in space, mostly because empty space and LoD ships are way easier to render. Also networking a ship that slowly changes direction and speed (EVE Online) must be a way simpler task. And time dilatation…

Compared to fantasy medieval setting with dense forests, lakes, strongholds, thousands of objects and vegetation to render, plus customized characters with pets, monsters, VFX, etc., where players constantly change direction drastically, get knocked back by spells, and massive blobs of players running around.


Yes, it is not unique anymore to put thousands of people into same areas in multiplayer games. The real problem is giving the reason for people to participate in such events. EVE Online did it the best through gameplay design – they gave players vast amount of territory which can create perpetual large scale wars, yet even EVE is not perfect and there aren’t many players playing it because some people dislike flying in spaceships for all the time. People want to get out of their spaceships and do other stuff, like walking in stations and on the surface of planets, do other type of combat like ground combat similar to Planetside 2. They also get tired of constant PvP and want to do other stuff, like hang out in a local bar while socializing with people, the real kind of socialization where you just aren’t using someone to achieve a goal of getting a rare virtual item or capturing some territory, but something that exists in games like VRchat (which is the most social multiplayer game). All of that requires more than just tech tests with 1000’s of other players and bots, it requires a game design which will give plenty of people with different preferences stuff to do and will encourage them to keep logging in every day without something like “daily bonuses and items”. The Scavengers game will not be such game because it’s a simple battle royale game with 60 player mode.

Oh, and you also forgot to mention the test CCP did with even larger amount of players in it using custom version of Unreal Engine and Aether Engine: