Star Wars: The Old Republic explores dark secrets with today’s Update 6.3


Hey you! Drop everything — groceries, babies, financial responsibilities — and make a dash over to the Star Wars: The Old Republic launcher. You see that? Yup, it’s a patch in progress, bringing you into the era of Update 6.3: The Dark Descent.

The headlining feature of this update is a new flashpoint that takes players back to the abandoned Jedi enclave on Dantooine. “We’ve been wanting to peek inside the enclave for some time in our game (and we know fans have, too),” BioWare said, “and our recent storylines finally gave us a great reason to go inside. You’ll be pursuing Darth Malgus and trying to figure out what his plans are as you fight your way through the ruins.”

Other changes and additions of note include the very first galactic season (The Stranger from Kubindi), the debut of Ranked PvP Season 14, and an upcoming double XP, valor, and renown event that’s scheduled to run from May 4th through the 18th.

The galactic season will cover the next five months and include two reward tracks — one for all players and one for subscribers only. Go chase them goodies!

Source: SWTOR

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Hikari Kenzaki

Good enough story.
Fun KOTOR references. Like… a lot of them.
One forced-solo story mission that can also be repeated as a flashpoint.
This doesn’t feel like it’s big enough to be a full point release.

All the season pass stuff is, eh. I haven’t played the alert yet.
The teased getting some more companions back, sorta, kinda… off-camera at least.

I think they’re counting on whales and subs with a lot of unspent CC to do the math on the season pass.
100 Levels
100 CC per level
10k CC to complete
Subscribers get 4200 CC back over the course of that 100 levels.
So, net cost of 5800 CC is about the same as they’d pay for a stack of hypercrates.

Jim Keller

Wait month after month for about an hour of new content and more recycled content.

Vincent Clark

Is SWTOR ever getting a proper expansion again? The cinematic trailers for prior expansions were always good.

Malcolm Swoboda

Cinematic trailer? Probably not. Version 7.0? Doubt it this year, maybe next.