Survival MMO Stars End struggles with low engagement, reaches alpha milestone


Last fall, we noted that an intriguing-looking space survival MMO called Stars End had sort of stealth launched on Steam early access and wasn’t doing a lot to draw attention to itself. As it turns out, it was pretty much DOA — but it’s fighting for a brighter future even still.

Steam Charts notes that Stars End only saw a brief burst of player interest in October 2019 with a couple of hundred logins, but early access was only marked by a few dozen players at best. But the dev team hasn’t given up on the game itself, as Stars End has been getting frequent updates (including two this month alone).

“After long 20 months, we have finally reached the Alpha milestone,” the dev team announced. “And while we still have tons of work ahead of us, with the foundation of the game complete we feel it’s a good time to finally start to market the game and invite new players (who don’t mind the early access WIP status of the game and want to help us grow and improve it.”

Future plans for the game include making the whole solar system playable, implementing late-game resources, and expanding the tech to handle thousands rather than hundreds of players at a time. Stars End is currently 61% off on Steam through May 2nd, so you can pick this up for $5.84 if it helps sate your curiosity.

Source: Steam. Thanks Kharl!

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So it is on sale for 5.89 on steam, I figured what the hay lets try it out……. I was very much suprised how smooth it played. there was also a GM on the entire time answering questions and giving advice.


Open world ffa pvp. Yep, a real winner here. Someday the idiots will learn. But not today.

Holden Nagata

I would love another scifi MMO, but survival PVP based? nope

Jon Wax

All these poor dev teams racing to put out products that would have been competitive 10 years ago…

Scary times. Rough seas ahead. 8 ball says “shits grim”