Swords of Legends Online drops a brand-new lore trailer and concept art


Swords of Legends Online would really like your attention, and it’s apparently going to keep pumping out trailers until it has it. Today, Gameforge, Wangyuan Shengtang, and Aurogon have released a lore trailer that explains just what the heck is going on in the gameworld when players drop in for the first time. Chaos, benevolent gods, ancestral swords, greedy humans, a plague goddess… wait. A plague goddess?

“In the beginning, there was only chaos, and from chaos came Pingu, the creator of heaven and earth. Upon his death, Pingu’s remains transformed into two substances that would change the world: pure qi, and dark qi. From the pure qi came the gods of good, the virtuous Nüwa, the merciful Shennong, the god of death itself, Yama, and the god that would gift humanity superhuman abilities and immortality, Fuxi. Birthed from the dark qi was the plague goddess Jiegou, with her army of Blightbeasts and foul creatures of the shadow.

“Humans are creatures that crave power, and thus the Ancestral Sword was forged, powered by the sacrificed soul of the original wielder’s brother. It was a weapon that was so devastating, so incredibly potent, that it could wound the gods themselves! This great act had unfortunate consequences, however, inspiring the wicked Longyuan Clan to sacrifice the souls of untold numbers of innocent victims to create the Seven Ancient Swords. These abominable weapons were so destructive that the blacksmith who created them was banished to the underworld, a realm of cold and ghosts.

“Since then, many wars have been fought, many battles won and lost, but the memories of the gods and the mythical swords began to fade. The gods themselves have been silent for a long time, and the dangers of the past remain undefeated. A new generation of warriors must learn how to awaken the power of the ancient swords and finally put the evil powers of dark qi to rest!”

The new trailer is below, along with a bundle of new concept art.

Source: Press release

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It’s Gameforge for starters and £36 for a FTP mmorpg, it’s already DOA.

Jo Watt

I think I watched a video on this waaay back but it wasn’t appealing. The resent footage though shows they have actually put quite a bit of change and polish even graphically.

I’m pretty tempted to try it out depending on it’s release date.


Ok, I’m listening, interest is peaked.

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Loyal Patron

This looks so good (plague goddess aside :-D) i hope it’s a good game, it’s nice to have so many MMOs old or new to look forward to.

Kickstarter Donor

Completely agree. Everything I’m seeing from this game gets me a little more interested in it. I hope it ends up being quality enough to retain players.