TERA Console opens a new dungeon and makes several dungeon adjustments in latest update


The console version of TERA has gotten a recent update that’s almost exclusively about dungeons, which is good news for those who like to get their action combat kicks in the variety of instanced locations in the game.

For those who enjoy new delves, the update brings the Immortal Manaya’s Core dungeon, an item level 457 encounter, which houses goodies like Stormcry Equipment Chests, enhancement materials, and a set of Queen’s Broken Wings for those who defeat Immortal Shandra Manaya 77 times.

As for the game’s other dungeons, there have been several adjustments like lower HP for bosses in the Resurrected Shandra Manaya, Demokron Factory, and Red Refuge among others; increases to boss HP in the Dark Reach Citadel and Thaumetal Refinery; and damage decreases for some foes in Manglemire. Furthermore, tanking and healing classes will get two more entries to dungeons that run between item levels 431 and 453, though that does exclude certain encounters. All of the salient details await in the patch notes.


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