Former Marvel Heroes developer Brian Waggoner is now working on Marvel’s Avengers

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Remember Marvel Heroes? You probably do! It was a pretty popular game, after all, and as we noted last year it was ultimately the implosion of its studio that killed it rather than a lack of players. It was also bizarre in how badly that sunset was managed, to boot. People really enjoyed that game. This stands in stark contrast to Marvel’s Avengers, which has been struggling to retain players and keep a stream of player interest… which makes it poetic that former Gazillion developer Brian Waggoner is moving on to Crystal Dynamics to work on the title as a Systems Designer. Something he nearly didn’t do after the Marvel Heroes debacle:

After what happened at Gazillion, I wasn’t ever sure if I wanted to work on another Marvel game again. Talking to the team at Crystal, seeing their passion for making a game the fans love and knowing the potential of the product were all big factors for me in making my choice.

Obviously, Waggoner’s position will not serve as an instant fix for the game’s issues or its overall playerbase woes, but fans are already excited to see someone known for doing good work on a beloved game in the franchise getting a chance to do more and maybe bring back some of that magic. We’ll have to keep our eyes peeled to see how his presence changes the game, hopefully for the better.

Source: Twitter via VG24/7
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