Not So Massively Roundup: Valorant’s Breeze, Apex’s Olympus, Runeterra’s expansion, and Jeff

Plus more from SMITE, PUBG, and Hearthstone


Welcome back to another roundup of news for Not-So-Massively and MMO-adjacent games in the MMORPG orbit!

Valorant: Riot’s Valorant has rolled out the Breeze map this week, set on a “remote island distinguished by its bright, playful, and colorful environment, with wide open spaces and opportunities for long range encounters.” And if you for some reason want to get your gaming news from the hello-fellow-kids at WAPO, they’ve got a dev blog deep-diving how the map was constructed. I don’t know what is happening. And by that I mean I know exactly what is happening, but it’s really dumb.

Apex Legends: Apex Legends is positively noisy this week talking up the Legacy update coming next week; there’s a new trailer and dev blogs on ranked content and the Olympus map update too.

Runeterra: Riot’s Legends of Runeterra card game is also getting some hype this week, both for the Guardians of the Ancient expansion launching next week and for the return of its “dev doodles” series, this one on how it all started with Bacon.

SMITE: Hi-Rez’s SMITE is rolling out a new battlepass with a music theme. “Leading independent electronic music label Monstercat today announced in partnership with Hi-Rez Studios’ globally acclaimed video game SMITE, a new collaborative Battle Pass launching in-game May 18,” the studio’s PR says. “The iconic sounds of electronic artists Slushii, Sullivan King, Noisestorm, and Koven have inspired the brand new Monstercat Battle Pass, bringing four character skins, music themes, and more to the SMITE universe.”

PUBG: Krafton has rolled out update 11.2 on PC, alongside the Pajama Party survivor pass and Erangel battleground touch-ups.

Hearthstone: Blizzard is previewing the new Quilboar minion type and battle-ready decks. No, battle-ready decks doesn’t need to be capitalized. Stoppit.

Overwatch: Finally, players of Blizzard’s shooter have resurrected the old Jeff song meme in honor of the departure of Jeff Kaplan.


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I wasn’t expecting to enjoy the Breeze map, especially after how much I disliked Icebox, but it’s been a fun time in the queue for it. I like how the openness is broken up by multiple pathways and shorter sections with different ways to go through them, and the aesthetic is unique to boot.