10-year-old World of Tanks has finally landed on Steam


Hey, did you know World of Tanks wasn’t on Steam? I always assumed it was, but nope – until Wargaming’s move today.

“Wargaming is pleased to announce that its flagship title World of Tanks has rolled onto Steam,” the company says. “From today, players of the regular PC version and Steam users will be able to fight side by side in the immersive PvP battles the legendary F2P strategic shooter is known for. The Steam version is available to new accounts only but will feature everything World of Tanks PC has to offer.”

The studio’s PR also talks up “two Guinness World Records for the most players simultaneously logged on to an MMO server.” According to Guinness, the game has held that record since 2013, when 190,541 logged in to the single RU2 WOT server concurrently.

Source: Press release, Steam

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Ardra Diva

I enjoy the game very much. The only gripe I have is that many of the top-tier tanks are “blueprints only, never actually made in production” models that shouldn’t be pitted against real production vehicles. But I have snagged all the iconic tanks from WW2 and have a nice stable.

IronSalamander8 .

I miss this game at times, I had so many tanks and it can be a ton of fun. If not for the pay to win elements (gold rounds, certain premium tanks), I’d probably still be playing today.


Like many other online games which later add a steam version, it does not allow the steam version to use existing accounts.


Yes, it’s always better to use native launcher for the game if it is available instead of Steam. This is true for every game, not only WoT.

Vanquesse V

A warning: the game will install the version for the region you’re located in and create an account for that region. Only one account for one region can be attached to the steam version, so if you want to play in another region via steam you need to find the install link for that region’s “dlc” and make sure you run the game for the first time with only that one enabled.
I didn’t realize this before it was too late, and now I have to wait 45 days for an automated account deletion. Support was of no help what so ever.


I can’t get into this game its too Arcadey. Wish it was more strategic and tactical.