Fallout 76 makes plans for adding the Steel Reign update to the test server in May

Steeliest daniel

The last update for Fallout 76, Locked & Loaded, just arrived on the live servers, but that doesn’t mean that the update train has stopped rolling for the game just yet. Players who are hoping for more content or some legendary systems would be well-served to keep their eyes peeled for the next update to the game’s test server, as the Steel Reign update is slated to start testing in May for everyone. The full launch isn’t expected until some point in the summer, but the test server alone will give a chance at seeing how the update players.

Aside from the eponymous questline, the Steel Reign update also brings in the new Legendary crafting system, which also allows players to upgrade portions of power armor with Legendary attributes along with other items. There are also new and improved attributes to apply to items across the board. If you’re hoping for something more to do over the more immediate future, the game is running a gold rush event over the weekend.


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Vanquesse V

If you felt like you ran out of stuff to do in fo76, don’t bother returning till this hits. This patch is (if they manage to include all of it) the real deal though. New story content a big item rebalance, much more viable power armor and a more deterministic way of getting your gear.

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Man, I’m deep into FO4 (don’t get me started with how long it took to get it running properly without mods…the game is a bloody technical disaster) and enjoying it. I’ve still got a ton to do in 76, but I’m happy seeing all this additional free content come out knowing that it’ll just be all that much more to do when I wrap with FO4 and feel the need to get my next FO fix.