Google Stadia hypes up the addition of a search bar and other quality-of-life additions coming soon


At long last, users of the Google Stadia for Web can find the games they’re looking for without the agony of scrolling manually through the library thanks to the incoming addition of a search bar this week. Yes, Google — the company that’s now become synonymous with searching — has added a search feature to its games service after this much time. Furthermore, it should be noted that this feature is only for Stadia for Web and not for mobile.

This new feature is part of several other promised features that have been requested by users over the past few months. In addition to the search bar (which very likely took Google a lot of time to design properly since they’re new to this kind of tech), this week will see a UI that will let players sort their games, while the post talks up other features coming down the pike like an activity feed and the ability to access Stadia from an Android web browser rather than the app itself.

These late-arriving quality-of-life features seem to further illustrate the Stadia’s haphazard launch overall, which readers will recall was exposed by a number of anonymous insiders. But hey, at least now there’s a search function.

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