Magic Legends runs a weekend world enchantment event


Random thought: If you’re colorblind, how much are you at a disadvantage in playing Magic Legends? After all, colors are pretty important to the whole schema.

While you ignore me, you can pay attention to what’s happening over in Cryptic’s newest game. From today through Monday, May 3rd, Magic Legends is running a world enchantment event to give players a leg up on branching out into different color sets by grabbing bonus world enchantments. These are craftable consumables that offer “powerful, world-altering effects.”

“During this limited-time weekend event, Planeswalkers can craft up to three additional color-themed World Enchantments each day of the event at the Aetheric Core in their Realm,” the studio explained. “Event-specific enchantments are crafted at the Aetheric Core, rather than the Prophetic Quill. Note that World Enchantment carry caps still apply.”


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Hikari Kenzaki

The free deck and loadout slots for each unlocked class are nice. Because my brain needs a different deck/outfit for each class, I effectively increased the cost of all classes by 1000 zen.
The outfits, that’s my deal. The decks is a bit more gameplay than cosmetic.

Though I personally have already bought the 4 decks/loadouts I currently need for my 5 total classes, it will be nice to have going forward for new players.

The event is… interesting. Login. Pay 30k gold for 3 World Enhancements (basically, they debuff you for greater risk/reward). Repeat daily.