Path of Exile’s upcoming patch addresses several bugs and makes some Ultimatum adjustments


It’s time for another round of early patch notes for Path of Exile, and as is often tradition, this upcoming patch features a number of specifically targeted adjustments and updates to both the Ultimatum League and the game overall.

Among the Ultimatum-specific improvements coming this patch are larger circles for the Stand in the Stone Circle Ultimatum as well as better XP and drops from monsters in that same Ultimatum, the return of the Razor Dance Ultimatum modifier, and a fix for monsters not disappearing when completing an Ultimatum encounter.

On the subject of bug fixes, this patch introduces a sizeable list of them for the base game, correcting issues like items dropping to inaccessible areas in the Caldera, a wide variety of item-specific updates, and some crash fixes. The patch is set to arrive sometime later this week or early next week, but players can look at its contents now.


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Dug From The Earth

Ultimatums are kinda backwards right now

They are amazing at lower levels and a complete train wreck/waste of time at end game (when you are mapping). Most say they are “overtuned” which is just a nice way of saying “Way too freaking hard”.

I was loving them at first, but now, halfway through the map tiers, i dont bother with them unless I see something interesting as the first reward. Now I hear the NPC ultimatum guy say “Its the one round wonder!” every time I pass by now.


It is the same every league. The league mechanic is overtuned, then they patch it 2 weeks later to make it just “hard”, then again later a bit more patching and a few leagues later it find its balance.

For example look at rituals, they were exactly the same, overtuned, and now they are almost too easy. Same for syndicates and I am sure you can continue that list.

It is both a curse and a blessing to just “throw it out there and see how it works”. We get new stuff at a higher frequency than most games would be able to deliver. The problem is that there is never any retrospect, so all the bad (unfun) league mechanics never gets removed and rarely fixed – So now we have game where players only play (or only enjoy) half the game.

Dug From The Earth

I think half the game doesnt get played, not because its not fun or enjoyable, but because when you have more than 1 option, players will mostly pick the most efficient vs anything else.

I vastly enjoy the temple incursions, delving, and even Heist… but all of these just arent nearly as efficient as doing other things at end game for most loot in the game.

The seemingly popular reason to engage in content that isnt often played, is only when you need something that specifically comes from that content.

Kickstarter Donor

Just waiting on that texture streaming update. Glad they fixed the music on Sirus (kek), now just gotta like, make sure the fight mechanics are actually visible.

Bryan Correll

They are visible! They just take up the entire screen…..