Phantasy Star Online 2 adds cherry blossoms, seasonal enemies, and a new challenge quest


Spring has sprung with yesterday’s update to Phantasy Star Online 2, which means that there’s a whole lot of cherry blossoms for players to delight in. Players can now enjoy watching blossom petals fall in the Shopping Plaza and pick up some sakura-themed items when they find a Cherry Blossom Nyau, or they can also run into a Rappy dressed like an elephant or visit the Zig Shop for other cosmetic rewards.

In terms of content, this update brings the Violent Tremor challenge quest, which sees up to eight players following a series of five missions. Before taking on this quest, players have to select a class set at the terminal that determines their initial gear, which will also include special Scion Classes. Rewards for this quest include some unique titles and a Fluxio Juran Harmonizer weapon that can be changed to other weapon types at the Zig Shop without needing materials.

There are a few other goodies in this update as well, so PSO2 fans will want to scan the update’s details for more.


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