PlanetSide 2’s containment site is finally available for warfare


After a delay in testing for more adjustments and polish, PlanetSide 2’s containment site rolled out to the live servers yesterday.

This is a new large structure that should prove to be a popular battleground for the game’s three factions, if the thousands who showed up for the test are any indication. The containment site requires vehicles outside to bring down shields, after which troops can pour in to take various capture points and then defend them from the enemy.

The containment site arrives with the Chapter 3 campaign finale: “For the PC, this last chapter of The Shattered Warpgate campaign will start May 5th, and run through June 30th. While the Campaign will eventually end, Esamir is forever changed, and the Containment Sites are here to stay… or at least until another catastrophe.”

Source: PlanetSide 2

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