The Elder Scrolls Online won’t be able to fix UI issues on console until June 8 due to certification timing


For console players of The Elder Scrolls Online who have been experiencing problems with the game’s item UI, there’s some rather unfortunate news. A recent tweet from the game confirms that a fix to address the matter won’t be able to be applied until Tuesday, June 8th, when Update 30 arrives.

This lengthy delay is due to certification timing for console updates: The upcoming Blackwood chapter and the ESO Console Enhanced updates have already been scheduled for their certification ahead of time, meaning incremental updates can’t be released any earlier than June. In the meantime, those who are experiencing delays in menu and inventory screen updates or delays when selling items will have to make do with a couple of specific workarounds.

source: Twitter

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Console players complain about a lot, but I will give them this one. This seems like a pretty significant bug and inconvenience, especially with a controller. Seems kind of lousy ESO isn’t trying to address it for well over a month.