Dungeons and Dragons Online’s Planar Eyes adventure pack arrives


It’s wild to look back over the course of Dungeons and Dragons Online’s history and see how many instanced quests the MMO has released over the years. That grand total, whatever it may be, just grew by four this week thanks to the release of Update 49: Peril of the Planar Eyes.

The content drop adds a new adventure pack (which is free for subscribers but requires purchase for F2P accounts) and makes “significant adjustments” to game performance.

The new adventures sound intriguing: “Help scholars from Morgrave University as they search Xen’drik for the Planar Eyes, mysterious artifacts tied to the power of Eberron’s planes. But be careful – the Eyes are also sought by a new and mysterious cult known as the Hidden Hand!”


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Jason Clearwater

You also posted a trailer for the Ruins of Threnal, an adventure pack which was released in 2009. Read my message again. :)

Jason Clearwater

Update 49 actually dropped on April 21st and Massively published an article about it that week: https://massivelyop.com/2021/04/21/dungeons-dragons-online-adds-the-perils-of-the-planar-eyes-and-spikier-damage-calculations/