Polity promises a virtual modern world where players can form countries or live out domestic lives


What happens if a game like The Sims combined with an MMORPG and an empire building title? You might get a little something like Polity, an ambitious-looking MMO in development by Turkish developer Jib Games Studios, the team behind the Habbo-like multiplayer title Sanalika.

Information is a bit spread all over the place, as the game’s official website features only a direct link to the game’s official Discord, while the game’s official Twitter appears to only be getting off the ground and its Reddit account is mostly making the rounds to drum up attention to Polity in various gaming subreddits. A Steam page provides a bit more context, describing Polity as a game where players can either rule countries or become citizens of other player countries, take up professions, play minigames, or travel to visit other places. A demo video from 2019 provides a sneak peek at the game, though it also appears to be pre-rendered footage and not actual gameplay.

While Polity seems to have come from out of nowhere, the game appears to have been in development for at least a couple of years, and the development studio received some seed investment in 2020 to the tune of 30 million Turkish lira (approximately $3.6M USD). Both the linked article above and the demo video below noted plans for Polity to release in 2020, but the game’s Steam page now has a launch window of June 2022. If you’re at all curious, that demo video is embedded below.

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