RuneScape is looking to make the Divination skill ‘more AFK-able and more enjoyable’ in May 4 update


Is “AFK-able” a word? It is now, or at least in the context of RuneScape’s Divination skill, which is going to be seeing a number of changes in the upcoming May 4th update to make the skill “more AFK-able and more enjoyable to train than ever before.”

The adjustments are in response to the idea that Divination, while useful for Skilling, is one of the least trained skills in the game despite its utility. Changes to Divination include Wisps staying within five tiles of a crater, Memory Springs remaining active for at least 60 seconds, and Chronicle Fragments spawning next to players.

The devs at Jagex are also looking to improve Divination’s communal aspects by adding a Memory Overflow buff when several players contribute Chronicle Fragments to an energy rift and cause it to overflow. Finally, there will be more tiers for transmuting fish and ores, and a new Sign of the Porter VII craftable, which promises “more bank-teleporting goodness.”

In other RuneScape news, Old School RuneScape has announced a few changes to the initially proposed Theatre of Blood tweaks: The Justicar armor cosmetic rewards will now be replaced with some Saradomin-inspired weapon cosmetics for the Ghrazi Rapier, Sanguinesti Staff, and the Scythe of Vitur. The post offers a preview of some of these new looks while also declaring “Owls > Bats,” foolishly reigniting the age-old battle of sky cats versus sky puppies. #TeamSkyPuppy.


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Divination was ‘fun’ up to a point, but AFK’ing it? Uh, that’s what they are doing to a lot of things in Runescape and it’s making it all rather boring and trite. (Like they want you to just be able to ‘play’ it on your mobile device. Hoping to get some of that sweet sweet money from you paying without thinking about it as you mindlessly do things on there…)

I could theoretically come back, but this doesn’t bode well for my wanting to.