Global Chat: Destiny 2’s horrible, no-good, very bad transmog


Hey kids, Destiny 2 is finally getting a cosmetic system! And it looks to be as user-friendly and appealing as having your mother dress you for snow play! You know, if your mom was trying to charge you for it and limiting how much warm weather gear you could wear. I don’t know, this metaphor got away from me.

So take it from Tales of the Aggronaut’s Belghast, who asked, “So why did they put the stupid limitations on the system? The short answer is they want to milk silver out of us for a system we have been waiting on years to be implemented.”

He’s not pleased. And he’s not alone. Read on for more MMO essays, including those on WAR’s Tome of Knowledge, Black Desert tips, and Elder Scrolls Online housing!


MMO Juggler: Elder Scrolls Online’s housing

“So housing in ESO serves an additional purpose – free travel – and that is huge. Say I just finished a delve and don’t want to battle my way out and then ride to a wayshrine… just pop up the house menu and recall.”

Bravetank: Rediscovering Guild Wars 2

“Tight now what I’m focused on and enjoying is exploring the world and opening up different areas on the map. There is something about the way GW2 does this that really works for me. As soon as I discover a waypoint I’m off looking for the next one.”

Inventory Full: Put it in the books

“There may very well have been others before that but even if the Tome wasn’t the first I don’t think there’s much doubt it was the most extensive. Had WAR gone on to be the WoW Killer so many hoped and believed it would be, we’d probably see vast encyclopedias dragging load times down to a crawl in every MMORPG.”


The Friendly Necromancer: Something fishy in Wizard101

“I’m loving this game more for fishing than anything else right now. In fact, it’s kind of making me want to catch all the fish and make one of my castles all about fish keeping.”

The Ancient Gaming Noob: Is LOTRO effectively in maintenance mode?

“Almost five months down the road the, now that the afterglow of the announcements has passed, some of us are now getting a little impatient to see what changes, if any, the coming of the new Swedish overlords actually bring.  As with other such transactions, you only get so much goodwill time before the old problems become your problems.”

Aywren Sojourner: Black Desert Online tips for training horses

“To level skills, you basically just have to use them over and over until they get to 100%. So, to level Sprint, for example, you must have a saddle equipped (and it must not be broken), and you press W when riding to Sprint.”

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Thanos K.

Can you even see your tmogs in this game? I mean, isn’t this game a first person shooter? Imagine this happening to a game you can actually see what you wearing.

Kickstarter Donor

When you’re in the hub, it’s in 3rd-person mode, for reasons I’ll never really understand.

Tee Parsley

I quit Destiny already: Didn’t like the crappy give/take DLC stuff.

This just seems chintzy though. Enough to make me go see if I deleted the Desingy HD space for sure.

Turing fail
Patreon Donor
Loyal Patron
Turing fail

My ridiculously copious storage capacity is the only reason I haven’t uninstalled destiny 2 from my PC…


The big issue with the Destiny 2 transmog system is one of expectations.

Most people (players) are viewing the transmog system from the angle they’ve already “earned” all those cosmetics and thus own them and should have the right to use them. Limits on how many they can convert each month or any effort involved to convert them are going to cause people to be upset because they already feel they did enough work in getting the item in the first place.

Conversely Bungie has stated since the beginning that transmog system was going to be monetized and from the looks of their design feel that you should earn these “new” cosmetics like any new cosmetic. Just like you can earn a limited amount of bright dust to make cosmetic purchases there’s a limited number of transmogs you unlock or with Silver you can simply unlock as much as you want.

Personally I’m pretty okay with things. In perspective Bungie/Destiny 2 is by far one of the most fair/generous cash shop oriented games out there when looked by comparison to other games. Vast majority of my hundreds of armor/weapon/ghost/sparrow cosmetics were entirely earned for free via in game. They even voluntarily removed loot boxes from their cash shop. The implications that this is all some big money scheme just doesn’t really square up with the rest of their business practices.

Vanquesse V

That Bungie didn’t see this coming a mile away and didn’t try to get in front of it is honestly a bit of a red flag. Another one to the collection named “Bungie / Destiny 2 fan relations”. I feel like the last paid D2 thing people can agree on was good is Forsaken, and that’s 2½ years ago.


I guess? Like the entire crux of the issue again is because people are going into a system with expectations based on other games. Like I guess they should have expected that people will have expectations but it’s also pretty weird to imply that every future system has to be exactly the same as those that came before it.

I’d be surprised if you could get people to even agree to that. Games as popular as Destiny 2 generally leave a wake of people that no matter what the scenario is they’re going to claim it’s the most evil thing ever created by the most incompetent company ever formed.

Vanquesse V

Bungie should not be forced to do or not do anything based on expectations from other games, but Bungie also can’t expect comparisons to not be made, and expectations not to be set when they talk vaguely about upcoming features.
If the only change Bungie made was figuring out what the player expectation for any upcoming system was, and be quick with warning players when their plans go counter to said expectations Destiny 2 would be a much more well liked game.
The last two expansions weren’t bad either but people expected them to be much more than they turned out to be and so people get angry.
If players consistently are expecting one thing and the game delivers something else it should be pretty obvious that communication needs to improve.

And no matter who’s to blame, it’s Bungie that stands to lose money on sales and their problem to fix