EVE Echoes optimizes its market board in latest update, won’t have skill injectors until at least late 2022


If you’ve perhaps forgotten that EVE Echoes, the mobile version of the venerable spaceship sandbox MMO, is a thing, then perhaps we can help remind you by peeking in on the latest goings-on for the game.

Up first, there’s been a small patch that doesn’t necessarily have any astonishing updates, but it does apply some fixes and optimizes the game’s market board to get more accurate estimated prices and add some previously missing translations.

Second, the devs answered some player questions about several in-game matters related to ewar mods, building cloaking, and confirmation of a free respec when the game’s upcoming balance patch goes live, but one of the more interesting answers is related to whether the game will have skill injectors:

“Our game design team has basically vetoed the skill injection and skill extraction mechanics for now. We discussed this issue with CCP Games in both Iceland and Shanghai. The conclusion we reached is that it would gravely affect the game’s lifespan, so we won’t implement skill injectors at least until the end of 2022.”

Finally, taking a quick swim through the game’s official subreddit seems to suggest a pretty active community, with the usual collection of memes, combat videos, questions, and a pinned recruitment megathread, all of which are posted at a fairly regular clip judging by timestamps.


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Vanquesse V

that’s nice to hear. The market board being slow, unresponsive and unreliable was what made me quit a month or so after launch. Might need to check back in.