Here’s how the scoring system in World of Warcraft’s Torghast will work in 9.1


When patch 9.1 goes live in World of Warcraft, it’ll bring no shortage of changes to every area of the game including the randomized dungeon runs of Torghast. That includes a rather major change wherein players will encounter a new system of evaluating performance in the shifting corridors, with a scoring system that awards players between zero to five gems based on overall performance and progress made. A full rundown of the scoring system is available now on Wowhead based on the currently available test information.

Players are rated on five separate criteria: completion percentage, time taken, urns smashed, souls freed, and amount of time spent under the Empowered buff. The categories are rated differently as well, so players who try to simply clear through floors as quickly as possible without stopping to kill things or free souls are more likely to wind up with a lower score on completion percentage and fall below what is necessary for the four-gem threshold to unlock the next layer. Check out the detailed rundown to see how the scoring will work based on the current test build.

Source: Wowhead

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I think what’s most frustrating for me about Torghast is how close it is to being really awesome. But unfortunately, it isn’t, and I think these changes miss the point. I will offer Blizzard my free advice on how to fix Torghast:

First of all, it needs a more clear vision. What is Torghast supposed to be? It seems not many people are on the same page here, and Blizzard isn’t communicating. Is it supposed to be hard? Is it supposed to be easy? Is it supposed to be a place where we get to experiment with lots of fun new OP powers? Because in 9.1 you’re adding in a bunch of punishing affixes that make it more annoying. Blizzard already had to significantly nerf Torghast in 9.0 – I’m not sure making it harder in 9.1 is a good idea.

My vision of Torghast is that it should be relatively easy and prioritize crazy stupid fun over every else. Give more powers, not less. You can have some rotating affixes, but don’t make them some variation of “but now more annoying”. This has been one of the major M+ criticisms. Rotating affixes keep things fresh, but they’re all variations of how to make the run more difficult. How about some positive affixes? What about a rotation with one helpful and one harmful? That could be fun. We also need more enemy variety to keep it interesting, as they all look and behave essentially the same.

Rewards need a complete overhaul. Torghast shouldn’t have anything to do with the legendary system. If people are just going there to upgrade their legendaries, you’ve already lost. Fill Torghast to the brim with fun rewards, mostly cosmetic. Mounts, transmog gear, pets, titles, toys, achievements, ANIMA for God’s sake, etc. It should also include catch-up gear for alts and returning players. Make rewards drop randomly, with a currency and vendor as a form of “back up” luck protection.

Torghast also needs more visual variety. I know the whole them is “Tower of the Damned”, but I don’t care. It’s ugly, it’s oppressive, it’s boring to look at. Everything looks the same. Go crazy with visuals. Reuse assets! Use old dungeons or raids! That is easy and could be fun! I would actually completely separate it from the idea of Torghast at all. Make it same random inter-dimensional black hole thing we jump into and run around in crazy environments. That not only gives you license to be more creative visually, it also divorces the gameplay mode from Shadowlands and turns it into something they could carry forward past the expansion (which they should, if it works).

That’s what I’d do, anyway.

Jeremy Barnes

“My vision of Torghast is that it should be relatively easy and prioritize crazy stupid fun over every else.”

It boggles the mind that this isn’t what it is, but Ion believes that you must suffer to get rewards. If fun happens, then it was an accident and it will be crushed.

Right after launch, as a DH tank.. it was.. fun.. they killed that quick.

Jeremy Barnes

Oh, look, Ion forcing another thing down player’s throat because he built it and damn it, they’re going to play it and play it the way he wants them to whether they like it or not.

Bruno Brito

By god, you will ascend that tower and YOU WILL LIKE IT.


It seems they’re on a sinking ship while they patch one hole another one appears.


Sweet, does that mean we’re actually going to get rewarded with something other than more borrowed power ONLY USEFUL IN TORGHAST or a trivial number of tokens (soul ash) – capped at about 1100 per WEEK of runs – to gain a further trivial ilvl improvement in our legendary items?


Then honestly, are there a lot of people who give a crap?